Orbitz Data Breach 880,000 Cards Affected

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Orbitz has released details regarding a data breach on their platform that occurred between:

-January 1st, 2016 and June 22nd, 2016 for the consumer platform
-January 1st, 2016 and December 22nd, 2017 for their partner platform

Orbitz stated "To date, we do not have direct evidence that this personal information was actually taken from the platform and there has been no evidence of access to other types of personal information, including passport and travel itinerary information,"

In the era of mobile payments, it puts our digital footprint at risk. Here are a couple of steps to take to ensure you're protected.

1) Set up security alerts on your credit cards and bank accounts
2) Enable Two Factor Authentication Where Possible
3) Sign-up for a free credit-monitoring account with platforms like Credit Karma to get a financial snapshot of accounts & loans opened under your name
4) Sign up for a free Lock & Alert, courtesy of Equifax, to monitor your account and Lock & Freeze your account, if needed.
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